ionir Is a Container-Native Data Platform Built in Kubernetes

Kubernetes makes it easy to deploy, run, and most importantly, keep running different workloads. This approach has always supported stateless workloads that require horizontal scale, but as more and more applications are being containerized, workloads are becoming stateful and require persistent storage that can be easily consumed by the Kubernetes platform.

Kubernetes Native Storage for the Enterprise

ionir is a container-native, software-defined Storage & Data Management Platform built with Kubernetes for use in Kubernetes environments. It is architected using modern micro-services for extensibility and scale. ionir is orchestrated by Kubernetes, and managed using the same tools used to manage any application in the Kubernetes environment.

Cloud Native Storage

ionir virtualizes available physical storage resources available in a Kubernetes cluster, and creates a pool of resilient, efficient, production-ready virtual storage services. ionir has a fully compliant Container Storage Interface (CSI), and is provisioned and managed by Kubernetes using a provisioner and storage-classes.

Data Management

In addition to providing resilient, high-performance storage, ionir also provides enterprise-class data management capabilities including instant copy to any location, instant restore to any point in time, data compression, global deduplication, and automated tiering. ionir’s REST API supports and streamlines automation for any data operation.

Data Agility—Place

Quite simply, Ionir makes Kubernetes data as portable as applications. With complete freedom, any persistent volume can be copied across clusters or across the global in 40 seconds or less, regardless of capacity or distance. Meaning applications at the new location have instant access to a fully-functional read/write capable copy of the volume.

Data Agility—Time

Just as ionir can provide a fully-functional read/write capable copy of data in any location in seconds, it can also instantly create a copy of data as it existed at any point in the past. These time-specific volumes have many uses including speeding restore/recovery operations, creating instant copies for testing, and more.

Enterprise-Grade Capabilities

Built by engineers who steeped in enterprise storage design, ionir is built for enterprise use. While simple to install and use, ionir combines linear performance and capacity scaling, elasticity to dynamically adapt to workloads, all in a high availability package with no single point of failure.

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