Bridging The Edge Gap

Bridging The Edge Gap Benefits:

Save Time moving data from edge to datacenter and back

Increase productivity with instant access to edge data for further processing

Increase availability of edge clusters

Speed restore with 1-second RPO and instant access to golden images

Unified cloud-native data platform enables your Kubernetes Everywhere vision

Kubernetes is now the platform of choice for public, private, and hybrid cloud. Apps are free to run wherever required from core to edge.  Use cases for stateful apps requiring persistent data at the Edge are surging.

ionir data agility breaks the bonds of data gravity, allowing instant movement of data to and from the edge, and assuring instant recovery to any previous point in time. Now data is as agile as applications – at the edge, core, or anywhere in between.

Edge locations often gather data in real-time from 5G or IoT devices. While used for local computing, this data also needs to be compiled, correlated, and analyzed centrally. Traditional data replication is slow and expensive, but ionir can easily move volumes of any size to and from the edge in under 40 seconds.

Conversely, in the event of an outage or corruption of an edge location, data can be instantly restored from a central location. With ionir, the edge becomes a simple logical extension of your enterprise cloud architecture.

Kubernetes Native Storage eliminates data gravity, allowing application data to move at the speed of applications. Our architecture separates the metadata from the data, which enables unique data management capabilities such as 1-second RPO, instant clones, and instant data mobility between clusters and clouds. Our microservices architecture provides a unified data platform that is elastic, scalable, and agile, which is critical for containerized deployments.

ionir’s storage data management platform is an ideal solution to deploy containerized Jenkins. Data agility, including the ability to move any size volume to any location in 40 seconds, and the ability to instantly restore 1-second RPOs significantly accelerates workflows that require data to be preserved and copied.