Data as Agile as Applications

Kubernetes Native Storage for the Enterprise

Instantly move data across clusters or across the globe
Instantly access data at any-point-in-time

Instantly move data across clusters or across the globe, Instantly access data at any-point-in-time

The Industry’s Leading
Kubernetes Native Storage Platform

100% Software. 100% Kubernetes.
Container native storage built for and optimized to run in Kubernetes

Data Agility

Break the bonds of Data Gravity. Copy volumes of any size to any location in 40-sec. Access data as it was at any-point-in-time with 1-sec RPO

Enterprise Class

Everything you’ve come to expect from enterprise storage―availability, performance, data protection, recovery, replication, deduplication and more

Proven Simple

Software-defined storage technology, proven in hundreds of enterprises, installs in seconds with one line of code, and runs in worker nodes orchestrated by Kubernetes. Enterprise storage without enterprise complexity

ionir Helps You Achieve Your

Kubernetes Enterprise Vision

Any Application. Any Cloud.
One Data Platform Spanning All Types of Infrastructure

Development - CI/CD

Development deployments with instant copy of applications across clouds and instant clones at one-second granularity for acceleration development and testing

Edge / IoT

Distribute to and protect edge, (re)install golden images, consolidate edge to core


High performance storage for databases, and common data management and protection workflows across hybrid and multi-cloud deployments


Capacity and performance scaling on demand, and optimized infrastructure for full range of applications in data analytics and AI/ML pipelines

Container Native Storage Done Right

The only Kubernetes storage platform designed to adapt to technology changes and evolving customer needs without forklift upgrades


No centralized control or metadata store allows for massive scaling with linear growth in performance and capacity as resources are added to the Kubernetes cluster

Name Based Metadata

Revolutionary architecture abstracts metadata from location and time, enabling data to move anywhere in seconds and be accessed at any previous point in time

Extensible & Future-proof

Groundbreaking microservices architecture allows independent scaling of capacity and performance, and quickly adapts as media types and application interfaces evolve

Platform Agnostic

Software-only solution runs on any server, virtual machine, or cloud provider

Act As Fast As You Decide


Make operational decisions without the worry about the cost & operational complexity of moving and copying data across clouds.

Instantly increase IT capacity in response to unexpected or seasonal variations without  the need for advanced planning.


Dare to make radical business improvements to offer timely services when the opportunity arises, regardless of data gravity. Accelerate delivery of new capabilities.

Rapidly scale test and development across multiple clouds to Accelerate delivery of new capabilities.


Save management cost and optimize assets. Realize the full potential of your hybrid cloud and multi cloud strategies.

Redefine your cloud as a seamless pool of resources across multiple providers with one set of IT workflows.