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Read the latest press releases from the ionir team, dedicated to enterprise-level data services for Kubernetes applications.

ionir Report Finds 60% of Companies are Running Stateful Applications on Kubernetes

ionir, a leader in Kubernetes Data Services, announced that 60% of respondents are running stateful applications on Kubernetes, and of those who aren’t already, 50% plan to do so in the next 12 months. That’s among the findings of The Future of Stateful Application on Kubernetes report, available on the ionir website

ionir Receives Patent for Digital Storage System

ionir, a leader in Kubernetes Data Services, announced today the approval of a U.S. patent for its system and method for operating a digital storage system. This patent represents ionir’s core architecture for its container native storage (CNS) technology: a Kubernetes-native, software defined, data services platform. Current storage systems and methods

ionir and Zensar Partner to Facilitate Data Mobility for Hybrid & Multicloud

ionir, a leader in Kubernetes Data Services, announced today that the company is partnering with Zensar, a leading experience engineering and technology solutions company, to provide customers with comprehensive data mobility solutions for hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure. According to the 2021 IBM

ionir Partners with CircleCI to Accelerate CI/CD Deployments

ionir today announced it has become a technology partner with CircleCI, the leading continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform, to offer customers a streamlined CI/CD solution. This effort aligns with ionir’s initiative to meet market needs and accommodate customers’ DevOps needs with cloud-native CI/CD solutions that are scalable and easy to use

ionir Extends Support for CI/CD Pipeline Acceleration

ionir, a leader in Kubernetes Data Services, today announced updates to its cloud-native data services platform with new capabilities focused on CI/CD acceleration and performance. These technology enhancements provide extended support for optimizing DevOps pipelines. Kubernetes, now considered the operating system of the cloud, reinvents the concept of infrastructure: everything is a resource, with

ionir Awarded Patent for Data Container Synchronization

ionir announced today the approval of a U.S. patent for its system of synchronizing data containers and improving data mobility. This patent underscores ionir’s efforts to help organizations achieve data agility and optimize their enterprise implementations of Kubernetes. As Kubernetes adoption increases, one barrier remains: data cannot be moved quickly. Unlike apps, transporting data across clusters, clouds, and geographies can take hours or days

ionir Accelerates DevOps Deployments 500x by Eliminating Data Wait Time

ionir today announced availability of its CI/CD acceleration solution, aimed at speeding new application and feature deployments, eliminating over 40 hours from each CI/CD pipeline cycle. ionir’s unique approach ensures test data is made available to developers in seconds, where it’s needed and as it’s needed. This solution enables DevOps engineers to further automate and orchestrate data

ionir Extends Kubernetes-Native Storage Platform with Enterprise Data Services

ionir, a leader in container-native storage innovation, announced today the latest release of its Kubernetes-native storage platform, which adds and extends critical data services required to ensure persistent data and to operate stateful applications in Kubernetes at enterprise scale. Additionally, the new release includes full compatibility with Red Hat OpenShift and the Google Cloud Platform

ionir Achieves Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification

ionir, a leader in container-native storage innovation, today announced that the ionir platform has achieved Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification. As a part of the Red Hat partner ecosystem, OpenShift Operator Certification offers customers and independent software vendors (ISVs) greater confidence when building their next-generation software projects on Red Hat OpenShift, the industry’s leading enterprise Kubernetes platform

ionir Eliminates Data Gravity with Kubernetes-Native Storage

ionir today announced expanded availability of its Kubernetes native storage platform, and key additions to its executive team. By eliminating complexity in Kubernetes data and storage management, ionir empowers customers to achieve their Kubernetes Everywhere vision, speed digital transformation, and significantly lower IT costs. Following rapid, early success, the company is now hiring sales, support, and development resources

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