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Mike Wall of ionir on How to Use Digital Transformation to Take Your Company to the Next Level

As part of the “How To Use Digital Transformation To Take Your Company To The Next Level” series, Mike Wall, the CEO of ionir, was interviewed

DevOps Metrics – Tad Lebeck, ionir

In this video from Techstrong.TV, Tad Lebeck, field CTO for North America for Ionir, discusses the five key metrics DevOps teams should be tracking for success

GreyBeard Talks K8s Storage with Tad Lebeck, US CTO for ionir

This month we continue our investigations into K8s storage with a discussion with Tad Lebeck, US CTO for ionir, a software defined storage system that only runs under K8s. ionir Kubernetes Data Services platform is an outgrowth of Reduxio a “tin-wrapped”…

Overcome Kubernetes Data Gravity and Accelerate Digital Transformation

The need for remote work solutions prioritized a shift to the cloud – and for some organizations, that meant choosing short-term or patchwork solutions jerry-rigged out of existing legacy technologies just to get through the crisis.

“Above the Trend Line” – Your Industry Rumor Central for 10/8/2021

In this recurring feature, we present a variety of short time-critical news items grouped by category such as M&A activity, people movements, funding news, industry partnerships, customer wins, rumors…

ionir Awarded US Patent for Data Container Synchronization

ionir Systems Ltd. announced the approval of a US patent (11,132,141) for its system of synchronizing data containers and improving data mobility. This patent underscores ionir’s efforts to help organizations achieve data agility and optimize their enterprise

ionir Granted Approval for Latest Patent that Eliminates Data Gravity for Kubernetes Implementations

ionir announced the approval of a U.S. patent for its system of synchronizing data containers and improving data mobility, underscoring ionir’s efforts to help organizations…

Choosing Between Container-Native and Container-Ready Storage

Containers have revolutionized the way developers create and deliver applications. The impact is huge; we’ve had to re-imagine how to store, protect, deliver and manage data. Software developers have…

DevOps vs. Agile: What’s Right for Your Team?

There are two primary software development methodologies these days: Agile and DevOps. Research from Gartner has found that 70% of IT teams use DevOps. Has DevOps totally usurped its predecessor, then? Or can developers use both methodologies…

Want to Improve Your Agile Process? Look to Containers

Agile software development, which has become nearly ubiquitous over the last decade, was a revolution. Instead of waterfall development, with its long cycles that required planning six to nine months ahead

Enabling CI/CD to Maximize the Potential of DevOps

Enterprises have been moving away from conveyor belt-style project delivery with hardware and software resource planning, ordering, and integration. Instead, they’re taking advantage of increasingly flexible cloud resources

Kubernetes Native Storage: 5 Advantages For The Enterprise

Organizations make use of Kubernetes and other tools to set up and manage containers at scale. This enables IT staff with a common platform for business applications that they can use across multiple clouds.

GigaOm Radar for Cloud-Native Kubernetes Storage V2.0

The proliferation of containerized applications, and the increased developmental agility afforded by embracing them, creates a need for flexible, highly available storage solutions

Navigating the Lines Between Container-Native and Container-Ready Storage

Containers changed the way applications were developed and delivered. This requires a complete rethinking of how we store, deliver, protect, and manage data. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to address

How Containers Simplify DevOps Workflows and CI/CD Pipelines

DevOps enables organizations to capitalize on the flexibility of cloud resources in real-time, which is a huge game changer. Just as the adoption of Agile methodology can make a development team more responsive, DevOps revolutionizes implementation

ionir Smooths the On-ramp to Kubernetes and Container Storage

Managing storage for containers and Kubernetes is a challenge, as every admin knows. But does it have to be as difficult as it is? ionir doesn’t think so. ionir offers a Kubernetes-native storage platform that makes it

Five Reasons Enterprises Need Kubernetes Native Storage

Containers have created a revolution in software development. With the advent of tailored tools like Kubernetes (K8s), organizations can now deploy and manage containers at scale. Enterprise IT teams now have a common platform

Cloud Storage: A Brave New World

When designing a cloud storage system, a similar approach becomes applicable. Rather than isolated, coarse-grained appliances, it is desirable to use cloud-native resources that are scattered through the cloud and combine their power and

Container-Native Storage: A Definition, and What to Ask Suppliers

In other words, it is storage that, like any other service that forms part of the overall application landscape, can be delivered by code and is portable with the application, with no hardware dependencies. View the full

For Kubernetes, Data Mobility Is the Game Changer

Although the cloud has become the backbone of an organizations applications and systems, many organizations are discovering the shortcomings of a one-size-fits-all mindset toward cloud adoption. View the full article from TechTarget’s

ionir Frees Data From its Location Trap

ionir stores block data using a generated name and virtual, time-sensitive location mapping metadata so that it can be moved in place and in time to enable persistent volume mobility – fast mobility to any point in time – for Kubernetes

ionir Eliminates Data Gravity With Kubernetes-Native Storage and Data Management Platform

ionir Ltd. expanded availability of its Kubernetes-native storage platform, and additions to its executive team. By eliminating complexity in Kubernetes data and storage management

ionir Offers Native Storage Platform for Kubernetes

Just as the internet was empowered by the Uniform Resource Locator (URL), which allowed network information to be retrieved by name, ionir accesses Kubernetes data by name rather than location. View the full article from Database Trends

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