Kubernetes Data Services Solutions

Kubernetes Data Services Solutions With a Variety of Benefits

Eliminate “Data Wait Time’ throughout your Kubernetes infrastructure. Grab a copy of production data. Reset test data in your CI/CD pipeline to a consistent state. Share volumes across the world. All in seconds, not hours.

With ionir, data is as agile as apps.

Make Your Data as Agile as Your Applications

ionir’s unified cloud-native data platform enables your Kubernetes-everywhere vision.

Data as Code

ionir delivers high-speed persistent data to Kubernetes applications. Developers access data through standard APIs and familiar coding conventions, never again concerning themselves with where data is stored, or how it's protected. Like all resources in Kubernetes, with ionir, data just is.

Data Services Reinvented

ionir delivers a new data layer providing all the data services required by modern applications – data protection, performance, persistence, mobility, deduplication – delivered in Kubernetes-by-Design software.

Instant Access Anywhere and Anytime

Instantly access data as it existed at previous points in time - no complex snapshots or backups to manage, just request a timestamped volume (via code!). ionir is a tardis for data. Likewise, request data be copied across clusters - to burst or migrate, for example -- and access a fully read-write capable in 40 seconds. ionir is a data transporter.

Powerful Enterprise Data Services for
Kubernetes Applications

Any application. Any cloud. One data platform spanning all types of infrastructure.

Scale and Efficiency0%

Data Protection0%

Data Agility0%

The ionir Advantage

ionir is a container-native, software-defined Data Services & Data Management Platform built with Kubernetes for use in Kubernetes environments. It is architected using modern micro-services for extensibility and scale. ionir is orchestrated by Kubernetes, and managed using the same tools used to manage any application in the Kubernetes environment.

CI/CD Pipeline - Scale and Efficiency

Easily distribute loads across multiple worker nodes in a Jenkins environment. ionir allows DevOps teams running Jenkins to rapidly and efficiently scale their CI/CD pipelines across multiple clouds and data centers.

Edge and IoT - Data Agility

Move data instantly from core to edge and back. Massive amounts of real-time data created at the edge needs to be compiled, correlated, and analyzed centrally. ionir moves volumes of any size to / from the edge in under 40 seconds with one command.

Hybrid Cloud Database - Bring it All Together

Speed horizontal scaling of database applications like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB. ionir jumpstarts the synchronization process and cuts time to operation for newly added replicas.

Praise for ionir

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