Enhance Core to Edge Data Mobility

Enhance Core to Edge Data Mobility with ionir

Enterprises are looking for a standard way to deploy their applications. In a lot of instances, the core of an application is in Kubernetes or a similar type of technology stack. The edge, however, creates limitations on data mobility due to:




Physical endpoints

It’s Time to Unify the Entire Technology Landscape Across Core and Edge

With ionir, data is also unified from core to edge, bridging the gap between core and edge to:

Save time moving data from the edge to the datacenter and back

Increase productivity with instant access to edge data for further processing

Increase availability of edge clusters

Speed up restore with 1-second RPO and instant access to golden images

Gain a unified cloud-native data platform enabling the Kubernetes everywhere vision

ionir Makes Data as Agile as Applications — at the Edge, Core, & Anywhere in Between

Data Mobility

ionir’s enhanced data mobility and agility breaks the bonds of data gravity, allowing instant movement of data to and from the edge.

So wherever your application is running, your data can run alongside it.

Rapid Response

Edge locations gather data in real-time from 5G or IoT devices. Although typically used for local computing, this data needs to be compiled and analyzed centrally.

ionir can easily move volumes of any size to and from the edge in 40 seconds or less.

Instant Restore

In the event of an outage or corruption of an edge location, data can be instantly restored from a central location.

With ionir, the edge becomes a logical extension of your enterprise cloud architecture.

Bridge your core to edge gap with a Free Trial.

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