Defend Your Data Against Ransomware

Defend Your Data Against Ransomware with ionir

Recently, we have seen an increase in Ransomware, one of the most profitable cyberattacks at the moment. In 2021, the largest fuel pipeline in the U.S., the Colonial Pipeline, endured a ransomware attack that took down and temporarily caused fuel shortages up and down the East Coast. The company was forced to pay the hackers nearly $5 million in ransom just a day after discovering malware on its systems. Don’t let the same happen to your enterprise.

Implement Proactive Data Protection Solutions

Today, enterprises need to be proactive and implement data protection solutions that ensure the integrity and security of their valuable data. With ionir’s Data Services, IT teams are able to provision data at any point in time with 1-second RPO, enabling the enterprise to protect data from Ransomware and other data corruption and loss.

See ionir’s Data Services in Action

ionir’s Data Services Platform for Kubernetes enables data volumes to be accessed at their most ideal state. This is done by simply requesting a volume from a specified time, and seconds later, a fully read/write-capable volume containing data as it existed at that exact requested moment is made available to Kubernetes applications (example below).

Restore Data to its Ideal State:

For example, a block of data is corrupted at the timestamp 5:00:01, meaning the data block’s last known optimal state was 5:00:00.

With just a 1-second RPO, ionir is able to access the data as it existed at 5:00:00 and restore the data to a point where the Ransomware hasn’t yet affected it.

Once a request is made to access data at a time before the Ransomware infiltrated, a new metadata recipe is created.

From here, the clock is essentially reset and the Ransomware is — poof! — gone as if the corruption never even happened.

ionir improves data security by providing an immutable and yet fluid dataset — impenetrable by attackers, resilient in the face of Ransomware and other data corruption.

What efficiencies and protective solutions can ionir bring about in your organization?

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