About ionir

Kubernetes Data Services for the Enterprise

ionir is the only Kubernetes data services platform designed to adapt to technology changes and evolving customer needs without forklift upgrades.

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Run Any Application,
Whenever, Wherever You Need It

We free companies to make the right business decisions to run any applications wherever and whenever they need them, without being concerned about data gravity

Meet ionir

ionir helps companies instantly move data across clusters or across the globe, and offers the ability to instantly access data at any point in time.

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Our Kubernetes Promised Land

Kubernetes has revolutionized IT by providing the ability for enterprises to deploy a common cloud platform for their business applications across multiple clouds, delivering agility, consistency, and reductions in costs and complexity.

Cloud native data services is a critical part of this transformation, and enables a consistent software defined IT infrastructure across edge, private clouds, and hybrid cloud and multi-cloud deployments.

But data gravity is still a challenge; persistent data cannot be moved or copied at the same speed as applications. Greater the amount of data that is involved, the bigger the challenge in achieving the agility required by today’s businesses.

We are here to remove this last barrier, and provide the new standard of data services and data management for a hybrid and multi-cloud world.

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