Defying Data Gravity

Welcome to Defying Digital Gravity, the podcast dedicated to helping you take control of your cloud journey. If you want to ensure true mobility across public, private, and hybrid environments, this show is for you.


We’ll meet developers, tech experts, and data leaders within the Kubernetes space ready to share their knowledge. We’ll explore new ideas on protecting and storing your data, how applications work in this new environment, and the right way to build Kubernetes-native environments.


In addition to K8 features and benefits, the podcast highlights today’s common problems in data management. We’ll dive deep into the scope and depth of Kubernetes’ data services and find out how to efficiently bring about digital transformation today.


Hosting the podcast is Tad Lebeck. A deeply experienced and highly technical engineer who has operated at the center of data protection for decades and built Kubernetes’ data service companies. Tad became a Chief Technology Officer at Legato, Invio, and Huawei. Today, he is the Senior Vice President of Product Development at ionir, a company producing the industry’s leading data services platform for Kubernetes.

Episode Blogs


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