Kubernetes eBook – Kubernetes Storage for the Enterprise: How ionir Works

What is Kubernetes Native Storage?

Empowering enterprises to achieve their Kubernetes Everywhere vision by making data as agile as applications.

Kubernetes Native Storage & Container-Native Storage

ionir Kubernetes Native Storage is a Container-Native Storage software suite that is fully orchestrated by Kubernetes and installed in minutes.

Kubernetes Native Storage pools local physical media capacity and presents virtual volumes to applications. Additionally, it enables instant movement of data to and from any cluster, anywhere, and enables instant access to data at any point in time.

Container-Native Storage (CNS)

(CNS) is a Kubernetes-native, software-defined, storage solution that itself runs in a container on each node of a Kubernetes cluster.

Unique and Powerful Capabilities

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Download the eBook to see how K8sNS enables your enterprise to simplify management, automate elasticity and scale, achieve one second RPO without complicated and expensive snapshot processes, and so much more.

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