Multi-Cloud Data Mobility Backup

Are You Enabling Your Clients Enough With What You’re Offering?

DevOps MSPs are on the front lines of data management for their clients — ensuring data is protected, processes are efficient, and the infrastructure is streamlined to a point beyond what their client could build for themselves. And as a DevOps MSP, you understand the requirement for cutting edge technology to support your clients’ success and business outcomes without the need to develop in-house expertise.

What if You Could Offer Your Clients Even More?

With ionir, your offering stands out in a crowded market, eliminating hours of data wait time, and speeding your client’s apps and updates to market ahead of the competition. The transformative power of ionir’s seamlessly integrated technology empowers DevOps MSPs to support clients in:

Accelerating their CI/CD by eliminating 99% of wasted wait time

Advancing business performance by speeding up deployments and testing

Scaling operations to future-proof IT infrastructure

ionir is a container-native, software-defined Data Services & Data Management Platform built with Kubernetes for use in Kubernetes environments. It is architected using modern micro-services for extensibility and scale. ionir is orchestrated by Kubernetes, and managed using the same tools used to manage any application in the Kubernetes environment.

Better Services + Lowered Costs = Unmatched Growth Potential for Both the MSP & Your Clients

Better Services + Lowered Costs = Unmatched Growth Potential for Both the MSP and Your Clients

Gain a Competitive Advantage by Offering Your Clients an Innovative Approach To:

Cloud management via horizontal scaling of database applications

Data protection with 1-second RPO

Data mobility with the capability to access data at any point in space or time in <40 seconds

Reducing storage and delivery costs within DevOps environments

Advancing business performance by eliminating data gravity

Already Using Jenkins or CircleCI to Deliver on CI/CD Efficiencies?

Pairing ionir with Jenkins or CircleCI turbo-charges the acceleration of CI/CD — allowing you to differentiate yourself by offering robust solutions to your clients including:

  • Accelerating application delivery via rapid scaling
  • Eliminating multiple hardware silos with Kubernetes
  • Eradicating the need for separate storage and data management
  • Reducing operational complexity and administrative costs

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