Guide – Accelerating Pipelines with ionir: Jenkins Install and Configuration

Accelerating Pipelines with ionir: Jenkins Install and Configuration

A photo of the Jenkins LogoRunning Jenkins with ionir as the data platform allows DevOps teams to rapidly and efficiently scale their CI/CD pipelines across multiple clouds and data centers. ionir provides persistent, resilient, and high performance storage, as well as a set of data management capabilities that:

  • Allow pipelines to be optimized
  • Significantly reduces the time for application delivery
  • Reduces infrastructure and operational costs and complexity

Learn How to Install and Configure Jenkins with ionir to Accelerate Your Pipeline

This guide is intended for any professional who wishes to deploy Jenkins in an
environment powered by ionir data services. Experienced Kubernetes administrators who are familiar with Kubernetes architecture and components such as pods, services and Jenkins basics, like master/workers and running jobs, will greatly benefit from discovering how to:

  • Install and configure ionir and Jenkins into your pipeline
  • Configure Jenkins credentials and Kubernetes plugins
  • Configure executors on the master
  • Backup the environment

Download the guide to learn from step-by-step instructions and coding examples of how to accelerate your pipeline with ionir in single pipelines, parallel testing pipelines, and testing and production databases.

Download Your Complimentary Guide

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