White Paper – Streamline CI/CD with ionir

Streamline CI/CD with ionir

DevOps practices require innovation to allow businesses to grow and scale while not falling in line with traditional approaches and solutions. So when it comes to container management and orchestration, Kubernetes is now the industry standard.

Jenkins is the most common CI tool to use with Kubernetes since it offers a framework for building scalable CI/CD pipelines with a master and multiple slave nodes. However, Jenkins users often face challenges when distributing load across multiple nodes in a Jenkins environment. These challenges increase build and test time making horizontal scaling slow. Luckily, there’s a solution.

Jenkins and ionir Team Up to Streamline CI/CD

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ionir provides persistent, resilient, and high-performance storage, and a set of data management capabilities that:

  • Allows pipelines to be optimized
  • Significantly reduces the time for application delivery
  • Reduces infrastructure and operational costs and complexity
  • Enables a flexible and agile infrastructure
  • Enables organizations to react to changing needs and demands

Running Jenkins with ionir as the data platform allows DevOps teams to rapidly and efficiently scale their CI/CD pipelines across multiple clouds and data centers. Download the white paper to learn more about how introducing data with ionir to any Kubernetes based pipeline, from development, building and testing can be done in seconds instead of hours of data wait time.

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