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Throughout the last few years, data silos and dedicated infrastructure have proven complex and expensive. In an ever-evolving digital and cloud-based world, enterprises need a more organized and inexpensive data management and storage solution. We expect by 2022, enterprises will modernize over 50% of their existing applications to cloud-native services. Switching to cloud-native services modernizes the enterprise. But there is still a lack of data agility, which means your data cannot move at the speed of your business. 


Data suffers from gravity. Moving data is expensive, time consuming and complex. 


The solution? Kubernetes Native Storage — a single platform that is simple, inexpensive, and quickly moves your data around multiple clouds whether private, public, or hybrid. With ionir Kubernetes Native Storage (K8NS), IT teams can copy volumes of any size to any location in seconds. By 2024, 75% of enterprises will prioritize infrastructure agility and operational efficiency leading to a 5x increase in cloud-native core business applications. In this article, we’re diving deep into the future of cloud-native storage and how data agility can save enterprises time, money, and positively impact scalability.


The Challenge: Data is Anchored in Place and Time

One of the biggest challenges IT teams endure is that data is anchored in place and time causing a lack of mobility. Manually moving data takes hours per day for an IT professional, leaving them little time to do what they do best. Take a look at the diagram below. Data is located in the middle — the here and now. 

Kubernetes Native Storage

Kubernetes gives wings to applications, allowing applications to jump in any direction ― across clouds, from core to edge, from development to production and back. But the data driving those applications ― the lifeblood of the business ― remains grounded by data gravity. 


Until now.


The Solution: ionir Kubernetes Native Storage Frees Data to Move in Place and Time

ionir gives wings to Kubernetes application data, allowing persistent volumes to move at the speed of applications, in any direction, to and from anywhere in just seconds! What’s more, ionir transparently delivers all the value you’ve come to expect from enterprise storage ― performance, data protection, recovery, replication, deduplication, access control, and more ― in a platform purpose-built to run natively on Kubernetes clusters.


Traditional storage systems access data by the location where data is stored. ionir Kubernetes Native Storage breaks this mold, addressing data by what it’s called: its name. So how does ionir K8NS work? A proprietary metadata structure separates logical access from physical location and a timestamp is added to the metadata address for each write — removing the location allows data mobility of place. Essentially, data can be moved to any new place without affecting the requesting application. Additionally, storing timestamps allows data mobility of time. What does this mean? Data can be presented at any-point-in-time simply by asking for the name of the data at that time.


With ionir, our customers experience:

  • The ability to copy data between clusters in 40-sec or less
  • Global deduplication which minimizes egress and transfer
  • The ability to access data as it was at any-point-in-time with 1-second RPO
  • Near infinite capacity and performance

5 Benefits of ionir Kubernetes Native Storage 

ionir’s software-defined storage solution offers capabilities previously available only on traditional, expensive, monolithic storage appliances. Now, enterprises can instantly restore data to any point in time without the complexity and expense of snapshots and backups. ionir’s unique microservices architecture enables Kubernetes to orchestrate both apps and data services to deliver performance and resilience. All the while, Advanced Machine Learning ensures data is mapped to the optimal storage resource based on performance, density, cost, location, and other key factors. 


There are many benefits to Kubernetes Native Storage, so we decided to put together a list of the top 5 advantages of ionir K8NS:


1. Performance and Capacity at Scale

ionir delivers all the bandwidth, IOPS, and capacity whenever the apps need it with automated elasticity. This enables IT teams to meet changing demands with the ability to quickly expand or decrease storage resources without worrying about capacity planning. With automated elasticity, enterprises avoid paying for extra unused storage space as well as avoiding the purchasing and maintenance of additional resources and equipment.


2. Speed and Agility

It typically takes hours to stand up Development/QA/Staging environments. ionir K8NS cuts the time from hours to minutes and improves data agility enabling data to move at the speed of the enterprise — saving IT employees time to then focus on value-adding tasks. 

3. Cost and Freedom

Cloud Providers offer complicated tiering and pricing for managing persistent data, causing cloud lock-in. Cloud lock-in occurs when transitioning data or services to another vendor’s platform is laborious and costly, making customers more dependent (locked-in) on a single cloud storage solution. By eliminating legacy storage to reduce infrastructure, ionir frees you from cloud lock-in and actually slashes storage charges by 40% or more.


4. Core to Edge with Data Mobility

The ionir platform can be deployed anywhere from core to edge, public or private cloud. Providing enterprises with data mobility and agility to move from private to public or hybrid clouds — even across different flavors of Kubernetes — ensures enterprises have the capability to properly store and manage their data wherever they want it and access it whenever they need it.


5. Extensible and Future-Proof

Now, enterprises can take advantage of technological advances without disrupting successful ongoing operations. Microservices architecture allows the ionir platform to be extended to support innovations in storage media, access methods, and protocols — making the Kubernetes Native Storage platform extensible and future-proof.

Final Thoughts

According to Baker McKenzie, 58% of businesses that had not yet begun a digital transformation program said that COVID-19 has accelerated their digital plans. ionir Kubernetes Native Storage is the next frontier to digital transformation and enables your enterprise to stay ahead of the pack. Kubernetes Native Storage frees enterprises to make the right business decisions to run any application wherever and whenever needed without being concerned about data gravity. By making data as agile as applications, your data is given wings to empower your enterprise to achieve the “Kubernetes Everywhere” vision.

To keep your enterprise up-to-date with ever-changing digital technology, advancements, and to ensure scalability, contact our team of experts here. Modernize your business with the Industry’s leading Kubernetes Native Storage platform: ionir.

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Barak Nissim

Barak Nissim

With over 15 years of IT experience from core datacenter infrastructure to advanced cloud technologies, Barak leads ionir’s product and solutions portfolio, engaging with customers, partners, and acts as cloud-native storage advocate. Prior joining ionir, Barak held multiple technical sales and solution focused roles at VMware. In this role he was the Group SE Lead covering the EMEA region for the VMWare End User Computing group. Prior to VMWare, Barak led the virtualization practice at Glasshouse as a Service Director delivering innovative designs and complex implementations for customers in Israel. Barak holds degrees in Law Studies and Business Management and holds numerous technical certifications including Certified Kubernetes Admin. (CKA).


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