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ionir, a leader in Kubernetes Data Services, announced today the approval of a U.S. patent for its system and method for operating a digital storage system. This patent represents ionir’s core architecture for its container native storage (CNS) technology: a Kubernetes-native, software defined, data services platform. Current storage systems and methods...

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Agile may have come to fruition first, but DevOps is taking control of the spotlight. So is DevOps replacing Agile altogether? Or is there a way these two frameworks can work in unison to ensure seamless deployment and time to...

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Having the right set of tools to execute DevOps is crucial to ensuring a faster deployment pipeline. Ultimately, the key to implementing a highly effective toolchain is to automate data delivery and remove the data gap....

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When designing a cloud storage system, a similar approach becomes applicable. Rather than isolated, coarse-grained appliances, it is desirable to use cloud-native resources that are scattered through the cloud and combine their power and...

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Although the cloud has become the backbone of an organizations applications and systems, many organizations are discovering the shortcomings of a one-size-fits-all mindset toward cloud adoption. View the full article from TechTarget's ...

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ionir stores block data using a generated name and virtual, time-sensitive location mapping metadata so that it can be moved in place and in time to enable persistent volume mobility – fast mobility to any point in time –...

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Just as the internet was empowered by the Uniform Resource Locator (URL), which allowed network information to be retrieved by name, ionir accesses Kubernetes data by name rather than location. View the full article from Database Trends...

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Enterprises around the world are embracing the cloud and cloud native technologies. And who can blame them? From cost savings to increased agility and reliability, there are plenty of reasons to make the switch. The technological drivers ...

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Containers and Kubernetes allows enterprises to build applications that are portable across clouds, and provides seamless mobility between infrastructure pools. However, when an application instance has state, this flexibility disappears, and they...

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